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Q Switched Nd Yag Laser 1064nm e 532nm Laser Produttore

·Feature: Acne Treatment, Pigment Removal, Pore Remover, Skin Rejuvenation, Tattoo Removal, Whitening
·Model Number: E-15
·Spot diameter: 1-8mm adjustable
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*Endogenous pigment skin lesions: Ota nevus, Ito nevus, Mongolian spot, zygomatic brown mole, coffee spots, freckles, seborrheic keratosis, moles, border moles, melanosis, blue nevus, postinflammatory pigment Calm, chloasma and so on
*Exogenous pigmented skin problems: tattoo, tattoo, tattoo lines, lines and traces of lip line tattoo pigmentary skin lesions.

*With the special treatment tip make skin rejuvenation easily, fine pores, dilute the stain, whitening, blackhead and oil control effect (carbon treatment)


* 1064 output spot with flat top hat mode , the energy distribution is uniform, the treatment results are consistent, safer treatment, painless
* With 8ns pulse width, the treatment is less pain, higher peak power, decompose the pigment more thoroughly, the minimal skin damage.
* 1000mj single pulse energy at the end of optical arm, make a variety of skin pigmentation disease clearance more effective;
* The configuration of the spot adjuster can make more stable and more suitable spot area, to ensure consistency effect of treatment.
* Laser system using 1064nm characteristics of good penetration ,make laser beam to penetrate the skin directly to the skin epidermis basal layer and dermis,direct treat in the skin pigmented lesions.
* Laser energy shot in instant, make the giant pulse of high energy density, blast the melanoma cells to small particles, then engulfed by body's immune cells.
* The energy will not cause damage to the surrounding normal tissue according to the selective absorption for pigment of laser beam.
* The energy output of the laser system is stable, and the energy of the spot is even, so the therapeutic effect is greatly improved.
* Effective treatment for chloasma: laser freckle skin system using chronic dialysis treatment to dilute the pigment, the use of mature Q-switch technology, 1064nm wavelength blast pigment cells , several treatments gradually dilute the pigment, So as to achieve the purpose of treatment for chloasma.
* Simple operation interface for doctors to operate.
* can be use for a wide range of indications

Another advantage of this equipment with a carbon treatment tip in additional.
Carbon treatment technology principle:
Carbon nano-nano soft light treatment using Taiwan's advanced optoelectronic technology and components, with multi-functional microcomputer control, laser spot size can be adjusted to facilitate the use of lesions of the ministry, through the medical-level nano-carbon powder coated on the face, It penetrates the pores, and then the laser to the carbon particle blasting, thus shattering the epidermal dirt and horny; the resulting high heat energy conduction to the dermal layer, and fully stimulate the renewal and vitality of skin cells, stimulating the repair of collagen fibers and elastic fibers , The use of the natural repair function of the body to start a new orderly deposition and arrangement of collagen in order to achieve instantly eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, shrink pores, smooth the skin, the skin to restore the original flexibility.
Carbon treatment application:
Anti-aging skin, increase skin elasticity and luster Anti-aging: wrinkle firming, fade down the real wrinkles, eliminate small wrinkles Improve skin: tighten the skin, tighten the pores, reduce the skin pores, improve skin tone, , Eliminate blackheads and acne, desalination smallpox in India, to improve oil secretion deep cleaning: Let you "Maos Dayton open", so that the rub on the essence of normal day care products really absorbed
Carbon treatment technical advantages:
1,Non-invasive safety: non-invasive technology, no pain, without any adverse reactions and side effects
2,Effect: whitening, rejuvenation, anti-aging, fine pores, anti-aging, Real-time effects is obvious, and a long time effect  maintenance after a treatment
3,imple operation system: Simple operation, no need for repeated training;
4,Cost-effective: Compared with injection, Plastic surgery, the effect is sure and no worries, no risk, easy to accept.

Technical Parameters

Model E-15
Laser type ND: Yag laser
Laser generator Doubling lamp doubling crystal laser generator
Q switch type EO active Q switch technology
Wavelength 1064nm&532nm&585nm&650nm  Standard
Max energy output 2000MJ  ; 800MJ (single pulse )
Control system digital micro computer control system with touch screen
Spot size 1mm-14mm diameter
Laser conduct seven-joints articulated arm
Indicator diode 650nm laser
Frequency 1HZ-10HZ
Cooling system

water cooling system

Freon Compression +Water cooling system (5-35oC) (optional)

Body material ABS
Voltage AC 220V/110V 50/60HZ 10A

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